Former BTC CEO Leon Williams on the passing of Dr. Eugene Newry…


I was saddened to hear of the Passing of Dr. Eugene Newry former Ambassador to Haiti and to Washington.

In 2005, BTC desired to build Haiti’s first Fiber Optic Submarine Cable connecting it to the outside world via The Bahamas.

The Hon. Frederick Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs assigned H. E. Dr. Eugene Newry to assist BTC. He taught us about Haiti’s culture and helped us with our preparations for meetings with Haiti’s Government.

BTC’s Delegation made a number of visits to Haiti to meet with Haiti’s Prime Minister, Haiti’s Minister of Telecommunications, the Governor of Haiti’s Central Bank, The Director General and Executives of Teleco d Haiti and prominent Businessmen in Haiti. He served as our interface and Interpreter.

Within nine days of making our proposal, we received approval to build the Fiber Optic Submarine Cable and was also given the First Right Of Refusal to a GSM License.

At the completion of the Cable Built, the Prime Minister of Haiti agreed to a televised Soccer Match between The Bahamas National Soccer Team and the Haitian National Soccer Team. Before the Match, he and Prime Minister Christie in a Shared Screen would address the Citizens of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the Republic of Haiti to demonstrate the power of the new Cable.

The Government of Haiti at the time was also privatizing Teleco d Haiti. Minister Mitchell had suggested that BTC buy Teleco d Haiti. We started the talks with H. E. Dr. Newry’s leadership.

The Bahamas Elections in May 2017 had consequences.

Today, Teleco d Haiti is own by The Vietnamese company Viettel which bought a 60% share, with the Haitian government keeping the remaining 40% of the company.

Dr. Eugene Newry was a Mentor to me. I would often put my head on his and tell him I was trying to download information from his Brain to mine. He was a Thought Leader. An out of The Box Thinker. He was a walking Encyclopedia.

My Deepest Sympathies and Sincerest Condolences to his Wife, his son Eugene Torchon Newry and the other three children.

May his soul Rest In Peace.