Former CID Head Basil Dean Dies in Florida Hospital at age 63


Basil Dean


Bahamas Press is reporting the death for former police intelligence and CID head, Basil Dean. Dean died early this morning in a Florida hospital after battling a long illness. He was 63 years old.

He was head of Security at Atlantis after leaving the RBPF.

He was a fine officer and a gentleman. He was also terror to criminals reeking havoc on our streets. We send our condolences to his immediate family on his passing…..


  1. I agree with Mr. Rahming’s remarks in using former SEASONED police officers as trainers in the college. The U.S and other countries does it. Not only for police officers but any government ministry that they can be used. For too long we have been throwing away our knowledge and bringing people into our country and tell us the same thing we already know. I tip my hat to Mr. Dean as he was an execellent police officer. I also send my sympathy to his family and pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen, guide and protect you during this your time of sorrow.

  2. As A young man running the streets of Nassau pushing weed, we feared respected Mr. Dean…over-the-hill her was known as SHAFT. Thank you for busting me, it help turned my life around for Good…Reverend Rich…formerly Dek Omarley . RICHBLESSINGS into your newness of LIFE.

  3. What can be done is for former senior officers to be given the opportunity to present a series of lectures at the Police College, as a means to educate novice and other officers on refresher courses in the art of true policing in the Bahamian context-Crime Prevention strategies and the detection of crimes, arrest of the offenders and the goods for solid prosecutions and sure conviction plus safety of witnesses.Thanks for using my photo of Mr. Basil Dean.

  4. He was truly a great Officer and indeed one who trained and molded many successful Police Officers. An icon of Enforcement in the country has gone to take his rest. May his soul rest in peace!

  5. Lil Ounce is a saint now and wonder what direction he is going to send you under your command on East Street Parade Ground and Wulff Road after shooting him down like a dog. His mother cried and many never understood until now, it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the judgment. On earth you reign like no one could stop you, your next stop there are a few people waiting for your azz you wouldn’t escape and it has been a long time for those things which they have been waiting to discuss with you one on one. Time ain’t longer than rope and there are many who know the opposite of what is said about a legacy let’s say causing misery.

    • shout ya *** up mr dean was a great man and a great leader he needed to deal with lil ounce like he did because lil ounce thought he was above the law if he was still on the police force the country would not be like it is now

      • Hello,
        I was a very young but remembered lil ounce and recalled he was a terror in society. I think he shot and killed police officer (please correct me if I am wrong here) which was a big deal back in the early 80s. I grew up in the area and remembered that lil ounce’s death was big news. I only know Mr Dean and his family recently and was not aware of his connection to the lil ounce saga. Mr Dean was a good man and his wife and sons are good and repectible people. He will be missed by his parish family.
        Speak now – what is your version of the lil ounce story.

  6. It is unfortunate that the country will never know of the great sacrifices Mr Dean made on behalf of this country unless of course others with whom he worked tell the stories.He was a dominant figure in our country for decades and his dedication always motivated his men to sacrifice.He led the investigations into many newsworthy events but the one that stands out in my mind is the kidnapping and murder of the Hon Chuck Virgil in 1997.It was Valentines day and many officers had already left work to take their loved ones to dinner when the call came for everyone to return to work.Mr Deans style of being among his subordinates won them over to return to work even though loved ones were mad.Mr Dean a giant of a man made every Police Officer who worked with him feel invincible and willing to go the extra mile to ensure public safety.Ther are many stories I can tell but in the interest of time and space I shall pick up the pace on several books I am writing so that this Bahamian hero of the first order can get his rightful dues.May he rest in peace and may his family be blessed in this their hour of need.

    • We invite you ACP Hutcherson to please share the story with us. We will be happy to report.


  7. What a GIANT of a man!! I have heard stories of the Brilliance and the Rich Legacy of Mr. Basil Dean! I remember him from my days working at Atlantis. We have certainly lost a Good Man!

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