Former Governor General robbed and police and bank have yet to report or make an arrest in the matter….


Teller quietly asked to resign after stealing more than $75,000 from Former Governor General’s bank accounts…Police not told and bank officials fail to alert the Central Bank! Everyone in the cover-up MUST BE AXED!

Government House

Nassau – Police and bank officials of a local branch in the capital are tight-lipped on a robbery of a politician turned statesman in the country.

Bahamas Press has uncovered a report which showed how more than seventy-five thousand dollars was removed off the bank account of a former Governor General.

A teller, who is now protected by a relative high up in the bank, was asked to quietly resign in order to make certain that the matter remains hush-hush. But now that BP has busted the story wide open, all involved are left scrambling for the hills.

Other clients have complained of funds vanishing off their accounts before, which has fallen on deaf ears with nothing done.

At one time even BP has lost funds deep in the bank but after a major cussing exercise with bank officials all of the funds were returned.

All we ga say is this: If they could rob the Governor General and yet still the police reporting there is no crime to report – then what ya think of your two cents?

Some heads must roll for this THEFT and we call on the bank to act!

We report yinner decide!