Former SkyBahamas pilot and a Colombian crashed Randy Butler’s aircraft and told authorities they work for “The Bahamas Cartel”!

Bahamian Oran Theron Munroe (33 left), and Colombian Nicolás Mayorga Cabrales (27 right).

VENEZUELA, Zulia| Bahamas Press is the only media that is following the arrest of Randy Butler’s pilot in Venezuela after he crashed the former SkyBahamas’ CEO plane while moving drugs. We have the real story and we want you, our loyal following, to fasten your seatbelts cause this one is hot!

BP’s Interpol connection has now updated our team on the shocking developments unfolding with this missing Bahamian pilot which we learned was found in Venezuela following a crash. 

Pilot Oran Munroe and his Colombian co-pilot crashed in Venezuela with Butler’s registered Cessna Caravan registration C6-ASC plane overloaded with drugs. 

Venezuelan police charged the pair on Tuesday as the investigation opened. The pair were discovered some three day following the crash by missionaries, who helped nurse then to strength and later turned them over to police as the drugs were found inside the plane. The pair are being detained on drug trafficking charges and illegal landings in that country.

Officials from the Zulia Anti-Drug Investigations Coordination arrested Nicolás Mayorga Cabrales (27), an airplane pilot, of Colombian nationality and Oran Theron Munroe (33), of Bahamian, in Zulia state for the crime of drug trafficking.

Randy Butler’s registered C6-ASC Cessna Caravan now in international investigation.

The investigations of the Villa del Rosario Municipal Delegation receive a notification of the entry of Nicolás to a health center in the parish and municipality of El Rosario. He presented multiple injuries after having spent three days in a wooded area after a plane crashed on the Barranquitas highway, Donaldo García parish, where Oran was arrested.

As the investigation opens the men told police they are part of an international drug trafficking network, called El Cartel de las Bahamas (‘The Bahamas Cartel’). Their destination was to land on some clandestine runways in the Machiques municipality, which they claimed are operated by a Colombian-Bahamian network. Later they would transfer the drugs to the Bahamas.

Experts in the field carried out a substance sweep of said plane to determine if any drug was transported. The results were positive. As a result, investigators  confiscated items such as cell phones, satellite phones, documents and photographs of both men. Aeronautical headphones, as well as their pilot’s licenses were also seized.

The Butler’s aircraft left Abaco around July 23rd with no one tracking their flight. Bahamian authorities on Abaco told the media they didn’t know of the missing plane. In fact after dropping off the radar we doubt they even cared if a flight left the runway. WHAT IS THIS?!

The Bahama Island appears to be a major transshipment point for drugs between Colombia, The Bahamas and on into North America once again this time under Minnis FNM. This is the second mysterious flight out of Abaco which crashed in just weeks apart.

Bahamas Press will continue to follow this story. And we want to remind you we don’t make news…WE BREAK NEWS!

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