Foulkes son escapes jail for drug possession – Foulkes upheld the family tradition of drugs!

Magistrate Court

NASSAU| Today in the magistrate courts the son of former Cabinet Minister Dion Foulkes, Dion Foulkes Jr., plead guilty to drug possession. 

Police caught Foulkes Jr. in an intoxicated state and acting belligerently. He accepted guilt at his arraignment before Magistrate Samuel McKinney.

McKinney placed Foulkes on probation for six months and ordered him to undergo drug treatment. He will be eligible for an absolute discharge if he meets these conditions by July 28. Lucky him.

You know, most kids his age are not so privileged to just walked out the courts after being found with drugs. Some are fined and others spend time in the BIG JAIL HOUSE in Fox Hill. But this a Foulkes and, well, some in such like categories do get off.  AS WE SAID…LUCKY HIM!

The editors in the morning papers would conveniently forget how, like the son, another relative in the Foulkes clan lost his job on Paradise Island back in the day after he, too, was caught up in a drug situation at a property over there. 

Perhaps even Foulkes Sr forgets this – but, hey, this is BP and we remember things. Some people who walk up and down around here are not all as squeaky clean as they appear. And while the coconut boys went to jail some around her could even murder and walk free!

And while they forget the Foulkes family history with drugs – we at BP are here to remind dem! Like they say the sins of the family have visited the new generation.

We report yinner decide!