Boyfriend of a photographer who took her $4.5 million told his EX-lover “I can go to the Police!”


NASSAU| A girl from Cat Island is hiding deep in the bushes after her lover took some $4.5 million of her money, ended the relationship, and is now traveling the world.

The couple’s relationship went rocky and eventually broke up after the Minnis Government collapsed in September 2021. 

The girl was a big-time photographer stationed at Bahamas Information Services but resigned from her job just after the government lost and the money investigation heated up. 

With payments in the millions into the photographer’s account, she transferred all of the funds into the boyfriend’s bank account, who has since fled the country and is traveling like a rockstar with a new gal! Looka DAT!

The girl had traveled around the world documenting the former ousted scandalous government; recording every move by the Minnis Government (Including OBAN). The boyfriend, on the other hand, played for the theft of millions ($4.5 million to be exact) and took her for a ride, with the millions raked into his accounts.

Recently, in long distance phone calls, the photographer began calling her ex to return some of the funds as she has fallen on hard times and is unable to pay for rent, light, gas, or even food. 

The boyfriend, who is traveling the world, responded bluntly, “You want me go to the police?”

The gal is now in a rock and a hard place. Her former boss is fired by the people. Her boyfriend is living his best life on the funds which were intended for her, while she is deep in the bushes of Cat Island looking at the wild hogs and eating husks. What is this?

We report yinner decide!