Foulkes: The basic concept of Cabinet Government has been severely compromised by Fred Mitchell

Dion Foulkes


In defense of the PLP Government’s decision to name the Paradise Island Bridge in honour of Sir Sidney Poitier, Fred Mitchell said that “while he served in the opposition between 2007 and 2012 he promised that he would thank Sir Sidney for his contributions to the country if he were ever returned to office.”

Is the PLP Cabinet a committee of one?

If Fred Mitchell is the driving force behind the decision to name the P.I. Bridge in Sir Sydney’s honour he should keep that to himself. Cabinet Ministers are not permitted to personalize Cabinet decision.

The well established and accepted principle of collective responsibility has been compromised by Fred Mitchell.

Instead of being driven by Fred Mitchell the PLP Government should have consulted the Bahamian people before making such an important decision.


  1. I find the former Minister of Labour argument to be so lop-sided. With the names the FNM gave to so many places in the names of outstanding Citizens, did the FNM consulted the Bahamian people? Come on Minister, I thaught that you would have been over that last cut hip the Lady from the East put on you.
    Be like your father, No woman will ever put a cut hip on him. He is a real man.

  2. and you should consult people before you went get you lip done lol! be careful Dion because that size lip you get could get you in a whole heap of trouble. so Shut YA bear trap

  3. Boy I wonder why that all fnm’s ministers have a voice now that their leader is gone. They couldn’t voice their opinion when they was in office, but now want to tell the new government what they think, bull s*** . What they need to do is to stop letting their retired leader still lead them .I am so sorry for them……

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