Four Cabinet Ministers set to not be offered as standard-bearers for the FNM at the next election –


BP SUNDAY SPECIAL: FNM Party will get a NEW DEPUTY LEADER before the big dance!

PM Hubert Minnis is set to block his deputy Peter Turnquest from running again.

NASSAU| PM Minnis set to warn nine FNM MPs to pack their political bags before the next General Elections.

Free National Movement MPs will soon be asked to not offer themselves at the next general elections and we are getting more details that PM Hubert Minnis has already begun his search for new candidates to represent the party.

Only BP has seen the names of the MPs set to be axed – four of which are Cabinet Ministers. Those sitting members are: Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest, MP for East End Grand Bahama, Social Services Minister Frankie Campbell, MP for Southern Shores, Minister for Youth Sports and Culture Lanisha Rolle and Environment Minister and Housing, Romauld Sotario Ferreira, MP for Marathon.

BP also can confirm the country will also see the following MPs fall from the FNM list of candidates in the upcoming elections and they are: Mr. Theodore Brent Symonette, MP for St. Annes, Ms Shonell Ferguson, MP for Fox Hill, Mr. Fredrick McAlpine, MP for Pineridge, Mr. Vaughn Miller, MP for Golden Isles and Mr. Reece Chipman, MP for Centreville.

Interestingly, Prime Minister Minnis is putting plans in motion to handpick his successor and three names have come up on a shortlist of potential candidates for the number two post. They are Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. Darron Henfield, Minister for Immigration Ellsworth Nathaniel Johnson and PM Minnis’ dark horse: Minister for Transport Renward Wells.

We are being told current Minister for Tourism Dionisio James D’Aguilar will not seek another term in office. However, sources say PM Minnis is fighting for Minister D’Aguilar to remain on the ticket.

We report yinner decide!