New Town Centre Mall Post Office continues to leak causing concerns of mold in building….


NASSAU| As the power of Hurricane Dorian captured the nation’s attention for the past two weeks, everyone –  including BP – missed the floodwaters that poured into the Town Centre Mall’s postal offices.

Sources on the ground tell us, “BP, if you think the last flood in the Post Office was bad, you should have seen this last one. It was like a TSUNAMI was coming. We had our own drama as the post office has a serious leaking problem and no one is paying attention to the damage this could cause.”

Not a word of the incident was whispered by the Minister for Transport – Mr. L.O.I – and, well, Brent Symonette, the landlord, is as silent as a church mouse.

Meanwhile, we at BP know the Post Office has a serious  mold situation which forced the National Insurance Board to pack up and leave to save the lives of its employees. If anyone is serious about the safety of the workers’ health at the Post Office, get an independent mold test done and see if we talking fool!

However, we ga report and let yinner decide!