Chief Island Administrator for Grand Bahama given one week to get out of town!

Chief Island Administrator for GBI, Don Cornish
This is how problems start right here. Senate President K. Forbes Smith.

FREEPORT| Bahamas Press is learning that K. Forbes Smith, the new top person appointed in charge of the recovery of Grand Bahama, has caused the powers that be to transfer Chief Island Administrator for GBI, Don Cornish, to Cat Island.

Now Mr. Cornish not only has lost his home and possessions on the island, but, like and an unChristian band of rebels from Alcatraz, operatives from the FNM have decided to victimize the public servant so they could steal and pillage the many donations for the Hurricane Recovery. This is not good.

Why is the transfer necessary at this time? And why is this demotion to remove a seasoned competent public officer from a big city into the farmyards of a family island community?

Bahamas Press is concerned about this move and calls on the Bahamas Government to quickly reconsider this unholy, UNCHARITABLE and UNCHRISTIAN decision!

We report yinner decide!


    • And this is being done by the man who claims he is fighting corruption and that Bahamians are CORRUPT! PM MOST HONOURABLE EVER HUBERT MINNIS.


  1. That’s why we have to preserve our 2A,in an emergency nobody will steal my property or harm my family,they’ll just see the ‘flash’ and not from a camera.

  2. if u cant donate straight to the victims your money goes in the hypocrites pockets its happening all the time and pstill donate thats stupid in their point

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