Four People say they fighting corruption! But NOT the Corruption inside the Criminal FNM!


Yinner think this crew here serious?

NASSAU|The group, Civilsocietybahamas, was on set at The Reid Factor. This group was on ZNS Bahamas to talk FOIA, empowering civil society, fighting corruption and more! LIKE REALLY?

Say fighting CORRUPTION!? What a joke!

The Bahamas Government approved a $1.9 million to a woman who claimed she was paying bribes. Isn’t this a crime on the books?

The sitting Minister of Health Duane Sands didn’t present the contract to his colleagues in Cabinet. His colleagues in Cabinet didn’t rebuke him, didn’t call for him to resign. The PHA Board never vetted or approved the said contractor! So what is that? Is that not corruption?! 

But this committee has yet to call for the resignation of the ‘Judicially Condemned’ Cabinet Ministers! JOKERS!!!