Sweet-hearting and Deep Sissy-ing have taken over the pulpits in the Bahamas and are destroying the Nation!


Respected Bahamian Pastor of 23 years caught in seductive phone-sex via WHATSAPP Voice-note!

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NASSAU| So another Baptist pastor has gotten wrapped up with the LICKING STICK SCANDAL after getting caught on audio begging for ‘bread’ [sex].

The local pastor, just this past weekend, celebrated some 23 years in the pastoral ministry of a big-time church in the capital. Tons of accolades were showered upon him and his dedicated wife just over the weekend before the mighty fall of disgrace which went viral on social media.

The spirit of Jimmy Swaggart has hit the pulpits of the Bahamian church! Rampant “sweet-hearting and deep sissy-ing” have taken over the ‘puppeteers’ who claim to be proclaiming the message of CHANGE AND DELIVERANCE! Some are doing more ILLEGAL ‘JUICING’ inside and around the pulpit than the clubbers who don’t know the virtues of prayer. This is sad!

The pastor in this case, although one who is not known to controversy, got caught up in a tangled web after sending the audio inside a huge Whatsapp group that his wife is also a part of. Now this is something! WE THE CHURCH MUST PRAY FOR THE PASTORS OF THE BAHAMAS!!!

You know, this reminded us of another preacher who claimed he didn’t have sex with a minor under his care, but, after the victim described in detail the state and conditions of the marital bed in court, his entire story collapsed. We must be true to what we preach around here!

Just a few weeks ago another gospel artist of note – who been singing the gospel for years – was caught in a violent sex-handcuff, bald naked episode with a young praise and worship dancer who almost break up the marriage. “Yinner gata behave yinner sef”!

You know, this is why we at BP believe there is such a tough fight to convince people to join the Kingdom. Some of us as believers are standing in the way of the unbeliever in a big – BIG way!

As sinners working in grace, we encourage all believers to pray for the Pastor who jumped from the 10th floor into open shame. Pray for his family. Pray especially for the wife and we just cannot leave out the gal who supposed to get feel up in Andros. She, too, needs to know that she needs all our prayers!

Boy, I tell – all we could do is pray! But some of these ministers of the gospel really need to behave themselves around this place and be an example to the youths!

What HE say? If My People That are Called BY MY NAME….[yinner finish it…..] Pray for BP too!

We report yinner decide!