Fred Mitchell takes on Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays and Fred Smith!


Fred Mitchell and Fred Smith.

Nassau, Bahamas – From the minute we issued the audio of Fred Smith, one of Louis Bacon’s attorneys and representative of Save the Bays, social media has been abuzz as to his blatant comments calling Black Bahamians “Racists”.

Those words from Smith echoed at a meeting of the Coral Beach Condominium Association two weeks ago.

Minister for Immigration Fred Mitchell took Smith to task as he referred to his bold comments about black Bahamians. Mitchell played the audio at the packed convention where Bahamians listened and watched live on all media networks.

PLP delegates were shocked and in disbelief after hearing for the first time the clip, which had already made its rounds on social media. Many Bahamians, after hearing the audio, described Louis Bacon’s puppet Fred Smith as hateful, deceitful, ungrateful, dishonest and unpatriotic! He cannot be Bahamian!

Mr Smith also purportedly said: “It’s a very difficult environment to live in. You’re all white for the most part and it’s a big problem for a lot of the black Bahamians that you’re down here. Believe it or not, they want your money, they want you to spend it, but they don’t like you.

“The fact is that The Bahamas is a very racist, very xenophobic, nationally insecure and a very hateful place to foreigners.” We believe Smith should look in the mirror and then take a look at his client list.

Now, putting these words in context, readers should note that Fred Smith is one who we believe engineered Louis Bacon’s Save the Bays attacks on Bahamians from the start. Bacon, in an open letter to the nation, called the decent men and women in the Royal Bahamas Police Force “Terrorists”! Bacon’s very Save the Bays campaign has led to a plethora of scandalous legal attacks in the courts against the police, the media, broadcasters, noted journalists, with penal threats against the Prime Minister and Deputy PM [with the intent to jail the leaders], and, in the latest order, hauled the entire Parliament to court, which resulted in a GAG ORDER ON PARLIAMENT prohibiting them from speaking! This is unbelievable!

But you know, this is a democracy and in such a country sometimes ya’ need leaders like a Trump who would really put an end to people like those who hate Bahamians with a mentality like the Ku Klux Klan and throw them out of the country for good!

We report yinner decide!