From Potholes to GRAVEYARDS! Look what the streets of the capital have come to!


If the FAKE NEWSPAPERS would turn their attention to this stuff we would have this place in order! But NOOO…They into jacking up Government House for people who don’t deserve to be GOVERNOR GENERAL!

Graveyards in the middle of the roads in the capital.

Nassau – If you visit the Grove, as we frequently do, you will spot these craters in the middle of the street. Look at the condition of the roads in the heartland communities.

A deep cavity in the middle of the street. A BLUE HOLE, if you will. A new burial site in the artery of the road. My Goodness!

It’s like people are going throughout New Providence digging up the street to cause damage to the vehicles. How could the capital move from having potholes to archiving GRAVEYARDS in the street?

How we get like this? And these trenches remain exposed for weeks and weeks and weeks.

Sunday we came across this on the Eastern Road which is usually well paved. Someone digging up these holes! This can’t be da people time, eh?

We report yinner decide!

Roads gone to the dogs in the capital!