Gay Lover and friends are in custody in the murder of OMAR DAVIS jr, according to sources…


Police are now investigating another VIOLENT SISSY MURDER which took place in the bedroom of the victim’s lover! His lover has confessed and is set to be charged!!!

Omar Davis Jr.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is now learning police have four men in custody in the murder of passion with a young man whose body was discovered in Centreville yesterday afternoon; decomposed and chopped.

One of the men is a young man, who married in the first month of the year, and is said to be a close and “intimate friend” of the murdered young university graduate Omar Davis Jr.

Now get this: The murder took place – we are learning – inside deep inside the bedroom the man, who, also had helped in discarding the body of his victim and driving it to the Centreville location; nearby his place of employment. 

Sources also tell us a former unsuccessful politician has also been questioned by police in their investigations, however, we understand that inquiry ended as developments unfold. 

Meanwhile this evening the Central State University faculty and students will hold a candlelight vigil will take place today at 4:30 pm in the Sunken Garden.


We reporting yinner deciding!