Why was Ministry Finance employee Daune Cargill even charged when he is actually – THE VICTIM?!


Malik Wright aka Jailbird has a long history of violently beating women and serving time in jail!

(left photo) Jailbird, tatoo artist and woman beating terrorist Malik Wright and the man falsely accused Duane Cargill (right photo). Lets get into this story.

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is now putting serious questions to the investigation officer in connection with the arrest and charging of Finance Officer Duane Cargill. 

Get this: Cargill was charged with the assault when the facts clearly show and prove he was defending himself against KNOWN CRIMINAL Malik Wright! We ga get back to him.

The incident unfolded around 2 in the morning at the home of Cargill, who was with his girlfriend at the time. With threats of death and harm being placed against the couple (Cargill and his girlfriend), Wright showed up at the couple’s home, making a forced entry in a bold attempt to attack the couple. And Cargill, in full defense jook, stabbed and wailed Watkins, causing him to seek medical attention at the hospital. That’s the real story – so how come CARGILL WAS CHARGED? This brings some serious questions to the investigating officer!

Who is Malik Wright again? Well, in January 2021 this was a man who was released from prison after beating his then-girlfriend Devanique Dean just days before Christmas on December 28th, 2020. This violent relationship reached a peak in the summer of 2020 when Wright (jailbird) accessed the accounts of Dean on social media and circulated nude photographs of the woman – just before stealing her banking information and going on a shopping spree with her debit cards. He got off on good behaviour and only spent six months in jail.

Wright’s violence against women also saw him destroy the Acura ILX of Dean, setting it on fire which resulted in $1,546 damage. And while all this violence is being perpetrated against ONE WOMAN, Devanique Dean, it was Daune Cargill who stood up in her defence but today was charged for protecting her and himself?

Bahamas Press is now calling for an IMMEDIATE INVESTIGATION into the threats of death by JAILBIRD Malik Wright who is now playing a victim in this latest incident!

And WHERE ARE THE WOMEN DEM to protect this woman (Devanique Dean) against this VIOLENT UNCIRCUMSIZED BEAST!? WHERE IS THE PROTECTION?!

Someone needs to really fix this matter fast!

We report and yinner ga decide!