Bahamas Press shall NOT endorse Belinda Wilson as the next president of the Bahamas Union of Teachers! BP shall endorse a new candidate for president soon…. STAY TUNED!


  1. Truth Fully ENDORSES Belinda Wilson for President. Shes one of the very very few who fights for her union and NEVER PUT POLITICS IN FRONT OF THE AGENDA like Cleoa Hamiliton from the Nurses Union.

  2. Boy John when we land this cut_you_know_what on her that ga be the last time she offer for any race. WE HATE FAKE PEOPLE!


  3. I totally agree with you on this title! It is disturbing, that on the 7:00 news broadcast after the historical vote of no confidence, Belinda Wilson announce she has full slate of members to run with her. This suggest that her actions were intentional, and she promoted discord, such that she can place who she want in the various position.

    It begs to question, that if she can not positively respond to objective criticism, what will her new slate do. Will they simply agree to everything she says, or will they think independently in the best interest of the union.

    The union is not solely Belinda Wilson, rather it is a union of teachers. Hence, if she does not want alternative views, she should not lead.

    Furthermore, her conduct on the television does not reflect education. Educators, ought to have a standard in academic, character and decorum. Based on the vote of no confidence, flags have definitely been raised. There is no need to shout to get a point across.

    So as the union look towards the future, they must have a visionary who is not burning bridges with teachers, administration, and the ministry, but rather building a collaboration such that education as a whole advances.

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