Government paid millions to dredge sand out the harbour but the Port Dealers have yet to show us its investment at APD???


APD’s investment in the Port Deal has yet to come to the attention of the public

Hubert Ingraham and Jimmy Mosko at the centre of the APD deal could now face an inquiry into the shady port deal. Behind them are the marionettes - Mr. Tourism Scandal, Mr. Mona VIE SCANDAL, Mr. BAD $100 Million overruns roadworks SCANDAL and the man who lit up the lives of Bahamians with the highest light-bills ever in the country's history. Gave out bulbs while the people lights were off. Boy I tell ya! If ya don't laugh you will cry!

Where is the Nine plus Million gone???

Nassau Bahamas –– The picture above is all too familiar. Hubert Ingraham made a decision and his “YES MEN” – who all lost their virginity sometime after May 2nd, 2007 – said nothing about its injustice and criminal past to the public of the Bahamas.

You would remember the Bahamas Government, that would be us, the real former owners of Arawak Cay, transferred the land to the care of some 19 wealthy FNM benefactors. The former government also dredged the Nassau Harbour at a cost of over 52 million plus dollars. They gave a private company permission to sell the fill back to the government, who paid the money to dredge it in the first place.

Then the government, who said they had the people on their side, decided to pay to those 19 wealthy FNM benefactors the sum of million dollars of the people’s money while we all were running for shelter from the unabated crime and violence happening in our communities.

No one had the time, patience or interest to look closer into the scandal that was unfolding at APD. Well  no one except BP. We remember that backside rape of the public purse by HUBERT INGRAHAM and his marionettes as they pillaged it in the interest of the few.

But it is time for some questions to be answered and we hope the new Government will take pleasure in calling an Inquiry to investigate the happenings at APD and the decisions and inner maneuvers by the gone FNM regime.

You see, we at Bahamas Press remember all too well how just three short years ago on the 25th of November, 2009, the Tribune [da dutty terlet paper] reported the following:

Headline: Fill at Arawak Cay

Fill was to last Six Years

1.9 million cubic yards of material being dredged from Nassau Harbour will be used for infrastructure projects Prime Minister the Hon Hubert Ingraham said. “The annual usage of fill in Nassau is on the average of a quarter of a million,” the Prime Minister said. “We can easily supply six years of Nassau’s needs and also do all the other things that the Government wants to do for instance extend the boardwalk along Woodes Rogers Wharf, build the market complex, build the Government office building on Thompson Boulevard and have more than enough fill to accommodate everybody…”

Now its 2012, and it looks like all the fill gone to us. How did that happen?

The fill we know was sold via a private company at a cost of per yard. And so we ask a simple question here: where is the .5 Million collected and how much was turned back over to the treasurer of the Bahamas?

The government, we know from information shared with us, had to buy its own fill it dredged.

Unbelievable! Unthinkable!

And so BP is asking one simple question: Who ‘THIEF’ the damn fill and the money? Inquiring minds want to know!
Here’s another reason for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or an Inspector from Scotland Yard to visit the Bahamas and put some people in cuffs!

We ga report and let yinna decide!


  1. I would like to see the cancelled cheque from each of the UNKNOWN investors for the purported ONE MILLION DOLLARS,for a total of twenty million dollars.Finally,i would like the former Prime Minister,HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM to explain and PRODUCE A VALUATION report from a REPUTABLE real estate firm/government’s Real Property Valuation Section as to the value of Arawak Cay.Further,mr.Ingraham must explain if FIFTY TWO MILLION DOLLARS of fill and infrastructure works paid for from the PUBLIC TREASURY was done at Arawak Cay how come his twenty BAY STREET FRIENDS end up with 50% ownership?The funds for the GLADSTONE ROAD DEPOT and the buildings at Arawak Cay were all BORROWED from the ROYAL BANK OF CANADA.Mr.PERRY CHRISTIE needs to commence a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into this sordid affair,this INCESTEOUS breed of criminals are making AL CAPONE AND NINETY LOOK LIKE CHOIR BOYS!!!

  2. When we read this line we wondered what drink the Prime Minister was on. This is the same government which found $6 Million to pave roads now dug-up for the Miss Universe Pageant. This is the same government which found $28 Million to give to 19 wealthy FNM benefactors in the Arawak Port Development Project. The same government which borrowed $70.5 million to build a road from the airport at $10 million per mile. The same government which bought the Ansbacher House at $15 million to find out later the roof was no good. The same government which found over $270,000 to build a bathroom at Saunder’s Beach for more political cronies. And we could go on and on for days, yet, the Prime Minister could only find $1 million for a youth based initiative?

  3. The APD deal was CORRUPT TO THE CORE,heres a brief insight.Arawak Cay is owned by the government,the dreding and fill were paid by the public treasury yet the 19 so called UNKNOWN investors after paiding a purported one million dollars each for a total of twenty million dollars ends up with 50% ownership.All the funds for the construction of the port and the Gladstone Road Depot were BORROWED from the ROYAL BANK OF CANADA.So i ask the question if the govrnment owned the land,fill and did the dreding and all the funds for the construction of APD were borrowed how come the 19 PARASITES ends up with half the cake ? Finally,has any one produce or seen the cancelled one million dollars cheques from those 19 investors FRIENDS of HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM.

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