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  1. ….just think; in 1992 when the FNM came to office they met the country with a national debt of $0.970 of a billion dollars. They borrowed and spent, between 1992 and 2002 a whopping $1.3 billion(approx).They were kicked out in 2002 for, what I submit, recklessness in their management of the economy. The PLP came and, under Christie’s leadership(and say what you like about him), lead us out of the mess. No new or increased taxes in his five years and besides signed various anchor and other projects to the tone of $15 billion. In 2007 Ingraham came back and met the country tithering on full employment with our foreign reserves it has been in our history and no borrowings. Today, only three years after taking over, The FNM has the country in dire straights again. Unemployment the highest it has ever been in our history; borrowed already more than another $1 billion and hopelessness abounds. Thousands of young school leavers for the past three graduating years unemployed and just hanging around idle with no hope in sight. The PLP again will have to come to power to rescue our nation. What a shame.

  2. Isn’t this what the FNM argued against pre 2007. Socialism, I think was the buzz word. Now the &*((&(& FNM supporters now want to debate how wonderful it is to be a welfare state. Maybe they have the right to brag, after all they created it. . . . .

    Lets talk about the $1 billion dollars added to the national debt between december 2008 and december 2009 and not 1 sustainable job created.

    note:::: the dollar amount is one followed by nine zero’s. the job count doesn’t even eual the one without the zeros. wow.

    in some contries the honorable thing to do would be to have the leader end one’s life for the delivery of such misery. but in the Bahamas, some fools calls this trusted leadership.

    I am regretfully working on my apology now to be included in my will to my great grand children for not being active enough in my activism and allowing this to happen to them.

    now, the FNM current mantra change from the statement of “It’s a matter of trust” to it’s now new mantra of “Restoring Your Trust” makes sense. see http://www.youtube.com/user/RestoringYourTrust the same place the video comes from. WOW again.

    Can someone please explain this equation to me, my children, my grand children and great grand children, upon whose back this burden has been laid ……..

  3. Now BP I though better of you than to post such nonsence on this site. If you are not joking I might have to stop comimg here to get my news.


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