Grand Bahama delegates swings towards Minnis for Leader as majority FNM MPs back former PM…


Minnis joined in services as Revolution Church…

FNMs now fight for leadership Hubert Minnis and Michael Pintard!

NASSAU| FNMs are gearing up for a nasty political battle ahead for the future of the FNM and from what we know Michael Pintard and former PM Hubert Minnis will battle for the leadership race of the party.

Duane Sands and Elsworth Johnson will do battle for the Chairman post of the FNM. Sands is lawless. As Chairman he is breaking up branches and adding delegates for the Convention even after nominations have closed. WHAT IS THIS?!

Brent Symonette we know is backing Michael Pintard and Lynn Holowesko is putting her money behind Hubert Minnis. 

Over the weekend we understand Pintard was locking down support with former PM Hubert Ingraham aka PAPA, who is virtually quiet in this contest. Pintard needs Ingraham to defuse any momentum by Minnis

But Minnis is already making headway in the family ISLANDS. His brother Boxer Minnis has virtually locked down support of the delegates on Grand Bahama, who is supported by Grand Bahama MPs Kwasi Thompson and Iram Lewis

The former PM is also counting strong support in Abaco, Andros, Cat Island, MICAL and Long Island. The family island delegates could spell trouble for Pintard, who now is having huge difficulties raising money.

Minnis also has the support of four sitting FNM Members of Parliament and a slate of former MPs like Desmond Bannister and Carl Bethel. Minnis gat money and is still holding onto his 2021 General Elections war-chest. 

Minnis went to church at REVOLUTION IN THE FUSION COMPLEX today seeking prayers for the journey ahead. He has backed the senior pastor who carried huge memberships from Mount Tabor. 

The FNM National Convention set for June 1st, 2024 will definitely put to rest the question of who is really in-charge of the party. FRAUD COULD BE TAKING PLACE, But, it will also seal the party’s fate as a permanent division will set deep inside the the FNM into the next General Elections. It ain’t long nah!

We report yinner decide!