Grand Bahama MP Gregory Moss spots “clear sign of corruption in the FNM Cabinet”!


Prime Minister MUST RESIGN!

Grand Bahama’s powerful attorney Gregory Moss.

By Gregory K. Moss
Former MP
Grand Bahama

This repackaged Oban deal is a land grab. It is not an oil refinery or oil storage deal. The projected volume is too low to make the project economically feasible and the land concessions are unnecessary if it were a oil refinery/storage deal.

To bring this back is now a clear sign of corruption in the FNM Cabinet.

Because of this repacking exercise I am now convinced that the Minnis administration is in fact corrupt. I resisted the impulse to reach that conclusion because I hope that their missteps were mere signs of incompetence which would be cured by more experience. But that can no longer be argued. This is clear, blatant, unadulterated corruption.

The only question to me is which politicians in the Minnis administration will be pocketing kickback money from this corrupt deal.

In my experience of confronting corruption in the past, the answer is that those politicians who are fighting so vociferously to resuscitate this corrupt deal are the politicians who will benefit from this corrupt deal and, therefore, are the corrupt politicians. True, they may merely be the point of the corrupt spear that is being used to impale our people’s future and that there may be others who are a part of this corrupt deal but the ones who are speaking so loudly in favor of it are undoubtedly spearheading the corruption.

Let me be clear: I am saying this openly and understand that there are those politicians who are clearly and publicly pushing this deal and that I am openly calling them corrupt. If you want to sue for defamation please do so. I will meet you in court.

I am so disappointed by your lies about being against corruption and you swift immersion into the cesspool of corruption. You are unworthy of your offices and need to be called out publicly for the disgraces that you are.

So once again, the fight must continue. The new search for Bahamians of honour and integrity must begin again.

And for those in the FNM cabinet who will say that they are not a part of this corruption, let me be clear: your silence is your complicity. There is no place for wobbly apologists or feigned ignorance.


  1. I note the two instances of corruption that Minnis cites as his personal experiences in that website you shared. Let me add two more instances of corruption that Minnis had very personal experience of: 1) as Minister of Health, Minnis continued the monthly lease from himself of a building by his ministry to the tune of $7,500. He did so up until the FNM’s removal in 2012 and despite Hubert Ingraham advising him to end the lease in the interest of propriety. 2) As leader of the opposition, he solicited secret meetings with two individuals accused of involvement in a murder-for-hire plot, without either informing his FNM colleagues or the police, in an attempt to make political capital out of what was a serious criminal matter. 3) As Prime Minister, he quietly removed the BEST Commission and matters relating to it from the portfolio of his environment minister and took it over himself. he denied this at first as “fake news” only to have it confirmed in the official gazette. Months later, a controversial proposed investor managed to get a Heads of Agreement signed without the BEST commission’s prior involvement or a EIA. The investor later claimed that he was told by Minnis’ office that the HOA had to be done PRIOR TO an EIA – a total departure from the established procedure. The file of this matter has since quietly disappeared from the custody of the Prime Minister’s office. Do you need more?

    • No, you completely got wrong the meaning of my comment. I meant to suggest that Minnis is the dumbest of all dumbasses (such as to qualify him to head such a school) and his cabinet are equally stupid. The FNM under Minnis is the most corrupt and incompetent administration we ever had. No amount of throwing mud at the PLP will distract the public from the utterly disastrous mess that is this government.

      • I can see you are an alumnus of the school you allude to, given your rich and articulate vocabulary and grammar and your apparent obsession with sex involving males exclusively.

        • One wonders what happened to you on the streets of NYC that drives your obsession with male homosexuality, bringing it over and over into a discussion that has zero to do with it. Your (wrong) assumption that I am a politician is laughable and demonstrates a real challenge in your thought processes.

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