Kathleen Rodgers-Fernander laid to rest and still not one soul charged following those fatalities during the Labour Day Parade…


When it comes to certain families in the Bahamas JUSTICE cannot take it course! WHY?

Family and friends of Kathleen Rodgers-Fernander laid her to rest over the weekend. She was killed with three other women in that Labour Day tragedy. To date the young man at the centre of the incident has yet to be charged after dancing in the road and abandoning the vehicle.

Nassau – Scenes from that funeral service for Kathleen Rodgers-Fernander yesterday. She was the last of the victims in that Labour Day accident laid to rest.

Four women died and some 29 victims were injured. Still to this day no one has been arrested or charged over the reckless and negligent episode.

But this is the Bahamas, where you could die in the street and because of who ya is nothing may happen.

We report yinner decide!