Why the Bahamas is on the brink of a serious CORNED BEEF REBELLION against the Minnis Government!


A woman with oxygen tank and wheelchair joined the march against the Minnis Government to Bay Street.

Dear Editor,

The government is doing all it can to do a push back on the 12% VAT, but it’s really too late!

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has a huge problem on his hands and nothing he or anyone in his government says now can sell it to us. We have LOST THEIR TRUST!

To argue if VAT was necessary is really not the question. It’s really about the lies told by the Minnis administration. The lack of consultation with businesses and the People. The deceit in their firing of Bahamians. Rising costs and no wage increases. Tax breaks for the rich and tax increases for the poor and those who can least afford it.

This rebellion is about their lack of vision to create jobs and present ideas to grow this economy. We can all see it and are confused; THEY HAVE NO PLAN!

The government is attacking the vulnerable and even their own see it!

So their conversations to date are clever. But we are not stupid! The true picture for so many people who showed up last week on the MARCH ON PARLIAMENT is that we have had enough!

The government’s duplicity and lack of transparency from a group which once presented themselves as the warriors of transparency and accountability – they have murdered their own tenets on the stage of deceit. And they have sacrificed TRUTH in a bed of lies!

This rebellion is about the government’s failure to hold up its hand of accountability before the people. Sadly, though, that hand is not visible anymore. It is now somehow amputated from the body, which is dressed and covered in secrecy. Look what the government of the Bahamas has come to!

And how, just four months ago, could you suggest that the government’s economic plan was proving fruitful, but now [four months later] it’s doom and gloom? It’s twisted logic, a diabolical lie, the commentary coming from a double-minded soul called the FNM.

Bahamians know something is wrong. I know something is wrong. And we all know we are going in the wrong direction. And we the PEOPLE know, now more than ever, that we have selected wrong group of persons handling our affairs. And we are paying dangerous for that decision.

The corned beef rebellion continues!


E. Sammy Smith