Grand Bahama police are reporting two stabbing incidents…One brother stabbed the other in the face!


Another man ganged in the Hearne Lane area

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file picture

Freeport, The Bahamas – Police on Grand Bahama island are investigating two stabbing incidents that has left a 23-year-old male and a 33-year-old male in hospital.

The first incident occurred shortly before 12:00pm on Friday 22nd May 2015, two brothers while in the area of Frobisher Circle were involved in an altercation when one was stabbed to the face. He was transported to the Rand Memorial Hospital and was seen by doctor and later released. His 32-year-old brother was arrested and taken into police custody.

The second incident occurred shortly before 10:00pm on Friday 22nd May 2015, a 33-year-old male was brought into the Rand Memorial Hospital suffering from stab wounds to the stomach area. Reports are that while in the Hearne Lane area he was involved in an altercation with a group of males when he was reportedly stabbed.

His injuries are listed as serious. Police are actively investigating.

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