Greedy Atlantis fires Bahamian Shop Steward after she questioned the THEFT of WORKERS GRATS!

Greedy Atlantis outgoing President Audrey Oswell.

NASSAU| Greedy Atlantis has fired a shop steward who questioned the theft of grats owed to workers at the property.

A dangerous precedent was recently set by the “hopefully” outgoing President of Atlantis.

As we March to our 50th Sir Lynden and Sir Cecil must be rolling in their graves to think of what this hotel and this bully Audrey Oswell is doing to our people.

What manner of woman is Audrey Oswell to tell the Government what they can and should not do? Her bosses at Brookfield should have her removed from this country immediately.

The Government was elected to make decisions in the best interest of all its citizens, its partners and every stakeholder in the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

When a Corporate bully tries to intimidate its staff into mobilizing against the sitting government of a country, it amounts to treason. Its no different than the now infamous events of January 6th in the United States where President Trump didn’t get his way, so he asked citizens to overthrow the newly elected government on his behalf.

The Government of the Bahamas has an obligation to address this matter swiftly and aggressively to ensure that no foreign corporate citizen ever feels embolden to undermine its decisions. Whether those decisions are perceived to be right or wrong. There is a process available to all stakeholders to question any decisions made by any Government.

Audrey Oswell of all people should know this. She can pick up the phone and call the Prime Minister to discuss any issues of concern. Instead, she decides to take to the airwaves and tell the government “NOT SO FAST”.

This I believe, is the straw that should break the camel’s back. This is just another instance in a series of instances where Greedy Atlantis, Audrey and Brookfield has demonstrated their contempt and lack of respect for the Bahamas.

They demonstrate their disrespect for both the PLP and FNM governments over the years. It was not shocking to read today’s Tribune Business section where Atlantis has lead the boycott of Wendy’s and Marcos Pizza being built on Paradise Island.

Wendy’s and Marco’s are owned by the Tsvousis brothers. Chris and Terry are Bahamians who have built up a very successful business through hard work and dedication.

We’ve observed them over the years and from all accounts, they are a class act and are loved by their employees.

What reason would Audrey and Brookfield seek to block a hardworking Bahamian Entrepreneurial family from establishing a business on property they spent millions purchasing. Is it competition?

Is it their disdain for Bahamians? Is it because their property is run down and no longer attractive? Or is it just because Audrey now believes she owns the Bahamas.

Since she has been here, there have been multiple complaints from entrepreneurs that cannot get any deals done on Paradise Island because Audrey, Atlantis and her bosses at Brookfield block them. If Bahamians should be concerned about anything, its this pattern of bullying that Atlantis and Brookfield is now known for.

If its not locking the gates at Cabbage Beach and telling Bahamian Vendors go find somewhere else to hustle or laying off employees during covid and refusing to pay severance, its this current act of treason.

We are most disappointed in Eric Carey who is now a “hired gun” for Atlantis in this charade.
Eric had a illustrious career at the BNT but has sullied his reputation by being aligned with Audrey on this make-shift argument about the environment when we all know that Atlantis is one of the worst offenders of pollution in the Bahamas.

You don’t have to walk far to see or smell this. Residents on Paradise Island have been complaining for years about the stench emanating from their old and antiquated Wastewater Treatment Facility. They should fix that before they talk about the environment.

Atlantis has violated every principle of environmental stewardship. I would like to see them release those Dolphins they’ve had in captivity for so many years.

We hate bullies. What Audrey and her bosses at Brookfield are doing amounts to bullying and using intimidating tactics. It’s time for the Government to deal with this bullying in a swift and decided manner.

Many eyes are watching how the Government handles this guest who has worn out her welcome.