GREEDY Petroleum Retailers Association coached by FNM are lobbying for higher gas prices for Bahamians…



Members of the The Bahamas Petroleum Retailers Association who want more profits at your expense!

NASSAU| The Bahamas Petroleum Retailers Association believes the FNM (their political advisors) could coach them to cause gas prices to increase for Bahamians. 

The Greedy (yinner know what we want to say) are in the newspapers again this Wednesday 19th, 2024 suggesting that they could shut their gas operations down to force an increase in prices for road users. TRY IT!

The Association forgot there is something called COMPETITION! The last time they attempted to shut down and stop selling gas, the SHELL BAHAMAS CREW stepped in and welcomed the threats by the Retailers Association. 

This Greedy Group see plenty new cars on the road. They see the busy traffic jams and all they see (with advice from the jackals running the FNM) is sticking a new bill on Bahamians. 

The Davis Government has invited the Retailers Association to show them the books to prove they are hurting. THEY NEVER RESPONDED! And we know why – DEY MAKING BIG PROFITS!

But the GREEDY Retailers Association always wants to hurt the taxpayers. We welcome their attempt to issue threats of shutdown. There are too many gas stations around New Providence anyway! BRING ON YA FIGHT- BP ga be right here to deal with yinner greed!

We report yinner decide!