Heartless Duane Sands’ claims that Bahamians cannot afford cars is a LIE!


We cannot move in the city for all the damn new cars!

Hundreds dead following Hurricane Dorian left in trailers after Heartless Duane Sands failed to issue death certificates.

NASSAU| Recently the Heartless defeated former Health Minister Duane Sands was in the press talking about how bad the economy is. We can only conclude that either the Chairman of the FNM is a good liar or he never paid attention to situations happening around him.

Heartless Sands’ suggestion that things are so bad in the Bahamas that Bahamians cannot afford cars – stick a pin right there for a moment.

Firstly anyone on the road anywhere in New Providence knows you could bearly get around the streets of this town due to the high amount of business activity happening in this country.

Contrary to Heartless Sands’ claims, most Bahamians purchasing new vehicles cannot get a license plate due to the fact that vehicle purchases are outpacing the ability of the Road Traffic Department to keep the pace with production of new plates.

Added to that we at BP invite Duane Sands to pay a visit to a car dealership on Shirley Street and try purchase a vehicle on the spot! Some Bahamians are waiting two and three months before their new vehicle can be ordered and shipped. THE CARS ON THE LOT ARE ALREADY SOLD AND ARE AWAITING PICKUP! So what Heartless Sands is saying cannot be true.

But we don’t expect truth from people like Sands who, according to a judge, committed “egregious” acts!

Unemployment in the Bahamas is down to 8.8% – the lowest it has been since Papa was PM (2008)

We at BP don’t believe one word Heartless Sands says in this country.

We report yinner decide!