Guardian’s Juvenile Editorial Fails to Agree that the New Government Demonstrates Courage on Gambling Issue



Everybody Wins!
Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie demonstrates his government's will and courage to legalize the mumbers business against great opposition.

NASSAU, BAH Bahamas Press read with interest the Nassau Guardian’s Editorial of August 28 and we wonder how could the principals of the oldest newspaper in the country allow its Editor to write such asinine commentary for public consumption.

For one thing, it is clear that the writer is a novice regarding the issue of Gambling in the country and is suggesting that the government flex its muscles to not condone the illegal web shop operations in the country.

One must wonder who wrote the article because when one reads the column it appears that the Nassau Guardian started on May 7th, 2012 and not 1844.

Web Shops operated in the country before this writer was a toddler and we can remember being taken on foot to Gonzales’ operations on Dowdeswell Street.

Those were the days when “bookies” stood alongside the streets of New Providence and the numbers business was not as digital as it is today.

Neither the police nor the law saw it necessary to crack down on houses then and today, well, how is that going to happen when police stand guard at the shops?

What people, including the Guardian’s editorial writer, are unaware of is the fact that the Government of the day has come to grips with the reality of the situation and has found the courage to do something once and for all about the number business in the Bahamas.

It is indeed a fact that not only are they doing something about regulating the number houses and are making steps to remove the laws which discriminate against Bahamians over the idea, but its decision to conclude what is good for Peter must be good for Paul speaks volumes about the will of the new administration to equalize this grave injustice against Bahamians.

The Christie Administration seriously believes in Bahamians!

Yes, we can argue: well, what about the casinos? And that question reminds us about the Independence argument before 1973, where some suggested to take the country all the way to a republic and forget the British completely.

In time, that change will also come, but let’s start by letting persons who gamble today feel comfortable doing what they wish with their money.

Tuesday’s Guardian also appears to be annoyed about the fact that public money will fund the referendum put to the people.

We remind them that the referendum is for the people to say yes or no. They will benefit one way or the other.

The Guardian had no concern about the money used to dredged a harbour to facilitate the expansion at the Port for 19 wealthy FNM benefactors, did they? Not a single editorial brought attention to that idea or how the government after spending $52 million in tax dollars to dredge the sand, how they turned around and sold the sand we paid for. Then readers would remember how the government paid to the port developers an additional $28 million as the public investment in that deal. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Then there was massive fraud and cost overruns to the tune of $93 million and counting on hard earned taxpaying dollars to a foreign company on the road project and yet, not a peep from the WUTLESS GUTLESS NASSAU GUARDIAN!

Or how about the eight hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars which vanished like a hologram orchestrated by a Bahamian Houdini in Tourism.

Or how about that massive wastage of $2.2 million to throw sand on the beach? The Guardian forget we paid for that too!

Or how about the Robert Smith and Adolescent Centre where more than $12 million and counting was paid to another FNM contractor since 2010 and the building is yet to open and is still not complete.

The Guardian’s editorial has yet to address those massive drains on the public treasury and rebuke the massive incompetence by the failed Ingraham Government!


The Nassau Guardian has been repeatedly cussed and embarrassed by themongrel, yet they continue to lick his big black soiled posterior.

Unbelievable! Unthinkable!

Former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham is branded a "failure" in his last term in office as he showed a lack of courage to regulate the numbers business. Failed to believe in Bahamians and put them first.

Nor did the Guardian raise concerns about the sale of BTC to a company in trouble in the UK. BTC – the most profitable asset of Bahamians – was sold by the FNM at a fire sale price, but no one in the Guardian then felt the compunction or was moved to discourage that backside rape of the Bahamian people, were they?

But now that justice is being done to equalize the rights of a Bahamian to that of the foreign visitor, everybody, including the wutless media and the FNM, gets mad like a bull infected with mad cow disease.

Yinner needs to stop ya [BLANK]!

As one writer this weekend wrote in a letter to the editor:

“The Prime Minister’s decision to forego a parliamentary vote on the issue of gambling demonstrates not only his leadership, but his political maturity and wisdom. His government is simply facilitating an opportunity for the Bahamian people to exercise their free will on the issue of gambling– free from the pollution of partisan politics and its associated and sometimes irrational emotive rhetoric.

“….They [THE Christie Administration] demonstrated the courage of their conviction and they decided to make the referendum about the free will of the people and not about what Prime Minister Christie and his parliamentary colleagues think.”

Hubert Ingraham and his failed government cannot say they same on this issue. They were in power for 15 of the last 20 years and did not a damn thing to regulate the numbers business. Therefore, they should have nothing to say on this.

We report yinner decide.