Gun Carrying Bain was able to organize a protest without permission and without a quick response by Central Police Station! WHAT IS THIS?!


The security of the nation’s leaders was compromised at PARLIAMENT today!!!


NASSAU| Bahamas Press is once again echoing that we have a VERY SERIOUS National Security problem in the country.

Today, as Parliamentarians returned to pay respects on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, a band of misfits showed up outside the doors of Parliament, attempting to breach the entrance of the lower house.

With all the lawlessness going on in the Bahamas, when will we understand that the security of our leaders and the stability of our country must remain a priority?!

HOW WAS a known GUN TOTING Sandilands misfit able to organize and get into the centre of Parliament without any permission and attempt to bum-rush Parliament?

HOW long did it take Central Police Station to organize officers to deal with the group outside the Parliament of the Bahamas?

How is it the head of Intelligence did not know there was going to be an unauthorized protest at Parliament? And why was there no response to the same to protect the leaders and citizenry in the square?

And how is it that the rogue gun-carrying SANDILANDS patient had ample time to organize on Bay STREET (Without Permission now) before the police could respond to this threat? WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!