H.E. Jeffrey Williams, Ambassador of The Bahamas to Haiti has suffered a heart attack…


H.E. Jeffrey Williams, Ambassador of The Bahamas to Haiti, pictured with H.E. Jovenel Moise, then President of Haiti.

Haiti – We have a report coming out of Haiti this morning, which confirms that the Bahamian Ambassador to Haiti H.E. Jeffrey Williams has suffered a heart attack in the southern Caribbean Island nation.

We understand just this week Justice of the Peace Rodney Moncur on Live Television questioned the situation by which Ambassador Williams was living under with all the unrest unfolding in that country.

On the show JP Moncur questioned how on two occasions HE Williams had to pay his way for protection following the riots recently. What is the government of the Bahamas doing with staff and security at the Bahamas’ missions offices there?

What steps have been taken thus far to reduce the stress by which HE Williams is now operating under? Has the Ambassador been evacuated? No one knows and no one in government is talking!

Yinner see how people could just collapse and die under this repressive Minnis Regime?

We standby for an update on this breaking development.

We report yinner decide!