Haitian Sloop Lands in Acklins today<<< More Sloops are on the way


Breaking News <<<Authorities on the island of Acklins are reporting the landing of another Haitian sloop on that island. We are advised the illegals have vanished and the boat left vacant.


  1. When is it ever going to be possible for true immigration reform? Ask yourself this question, if Haitians are employed on the police force,defense force, and immigration department LOL, who is going to make this change, HA HA WHO!!YA know what I dont understand, when Arawak Homes moved Bahamians for so called squatting after 17years of mortgage payments, they were deemed justified. But when the Bahamian man who owned property in Abaco wanted to move the ILLEGAL HAITIANS off his property, HE WAS DENIED LOL. THINK BAHAMIANS THINK!!!

  2. Maybe we need to shot some of these boats in the water,then maybe that will send a clear message to them.You see, some humans you have to wipe them into order,because it has been proven that, some of us only can be teamed by brute forces.Ain’t those reading,listening,and being knowledge of almost 250 years of free will,and brute force has won them their rights,to freedom?All we know it Papa Doc and Baby did it and succeeded for sometime,only to get to damn greedy,and complacent.

    • You may be on to something. “Brute Force” is what prevents them from pointing those sloops towards Cuba. Our response must become more aggressive and convincing.

      • Caramel . . . Go and find out your purpose in life (or what you want to be when you grow up), and stay out of big people business. Remember . . . pole dancing is NOT an option. BP really needs to make this site child proof.

  3. They already heard the news form Mackey Yard! Things soo good They all commin… We Need Change. Send them right back.

    • Trust me RJPratt,it is a proverbial weapon to the Bahamas and the Bahamian people. Just go by the out patients at PHM,any government school,the mud in Abaco,or any area like what was burned out in the south of Nassau,and you will see the effects of the Haitian assault rifle:the “SLOPE”

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