Halson Moultrie refused to visit the family of slain young seven-year-old Reyes Williams but was in Kellys and Parliament since the incident…

Speaker of the House Halson D. Moultrie

NASSAU| Nassau Village wants to see the back of Halson Moultrie, who is also the Speaker of the Parliament. The MP, who delivered unsafe contaminated water to his constituents, proves to be the wrong choice for the people in that part of the country.

Following the violent fatal shooting of that young seven-year-old Reyes Williams almost two weeks ago, he showed just how uncaring or concerned the area MP was.

Moultrie told persons he could not show up to visit the family because he was in quarantine. But yet was in Kelly’s the same day shopping for paint and caught on camera by BP just after a Parliament staffer tested positive. 

And no matter the excuse, the Parliament has reopened twice for two sittings and get this…Speaker Moultrie led the proceedings, talking his gibberish as usual. But he has yet to meet with the family of the slain child Reyes Williams. And we know why.

Polls show If elections were held today Speaker Moultire could get 21% of the registered voters. Nassau Village wants to see him gone from office and out of Nassau Village. 

We reported how Moultrie used the staff at the House of Assembly to do much of his private work around his house and has yet to disclose who paid for those works.

But while the people of Nassau Village suffer with his poor, failed leadership that delivered hunger, hardship, unemployment, evictions, contaminated water and division across the constituency, we invite them to register. REGISTER! And vote out the buffoon who made a spectacle of Parliament from day one!

We report yinner decide!