A BPL employee who failed a random drug test lost her wrongful dismissal claims against the corporation…

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NASSAU| The Industrial Tribunal has ruled against BPL worker Tabitha Smith who was fired from the company during a random drug test at the power company back in 2018.

In her defence before the Tribunal Smith claimed she was taking the banned narcotics, which BPL only permits if it is prescribed for medical use.

Smith argued that her positive test was a result of a prescription for the substance provided by some doctor in Coral Gables, Florida. However, the axed employee was unable to substantiate any of her claims.

She had initially told her employer that she had attended a party where others were smoking and drinking. And then she claimed she unknowingly drank marijuana tea. Ahhhh, boy!

BPL knows high employees could result in high estimations of bills and high blood pressure for customers. And we at BP applaud BPL for the great standards they demand from their workers.

In the end Tribunal Vice President Marilyn Meeres rejected Smith’s wrongful dismissal claims and upheld BPL’s decision to separate the employee. 

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