Women are fighting to the death with their abusers in the Bahamas and those who echo EQUALITY do not give a damn when women get beat up in the Bahamas!


Women and girls die while their abusers walk to the next victim in the Bahamas!

A mother beaten by robbers at her home in Pinewood some weeks ago. Attackers knocked her teeth out her mouth in the violent robbery.

NASSAU| Women are losing the domestic violence fight in the Bahamas and some defenders of the cause appear hushed in death these days. Women are being ganged, murdered, massacred, raped and abused all around the country and you cannot hear one fart from those who claim to defend the rights of women.

Just this week a man, Tyrone Culmer, age 43, beat up a woman in their Baillou Hill Heights apartment over, GET THIS, he could not see the television.

Culmer put his girlfriend in a headlock, punched her in the face then stabbed her deep in the thigh for telling her violent lover, “What do you want me to do (because the tv was turned)?” What a crazy m%^#%#$&$KER!

Anyway, the abusive man was hauled before the courts and did not spend a day in jail although in this case blood was drawn!

Culmer was ordered by Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis to pay his bruised and battered girlfriend some $863.50 for her medical expenses and the damaged phone following the ordeal.

The court also cautioned Culmer to stay away from the victim and attend anger management classes for six months or face 18 months in jail if he fails to abide by the conditions. 

You know on Monday past Alicia Sawyer, and her 8-year-old daughter Edrique Wallace never made the court after her boyfriend violently stabbed her about the body and slashed the throat of the child before leaving the scene of the crime. And this was not his first incident.

I wonder now how long will it be before Tyrone Culmer, 43, walks around here to violently attack another woman.

We warn yinner women around here in the Bahamas, another killer is lurking in the shadows. Protect YA DAMN SELF!

We report yinner decide!