Harold Waugh dies at 84! NIB Inspector George Clarke at 53


Sonny Waugh, aka "Mr. Rotary" cutting his cake on his 80th birthday.

Rotarian passes in GB

Nassau, Bahamas — Another great Grand Bahamian businessman and community man has passed. BP is reporting the death of Harold Sonny Waugh, of Waugh Construction (Bahamas) Limited.

Eighty-four-year-old Waugh was born in Nassau in 1928 and established a name for himself in Grand Bahama through a series of business ventures.

He was a committed Rotarian. Freeport News published an interview from friend and Businessman Dennis Knowles who described Waugh as:  “…a good man, father, businessman and Rotarian. He will be sorely missed.”

He was eighty-four-year-old.

BP sends our condolences to his family as they mourn his loss.

NIB Inspector dies in his sleep

Breaking News coming into Bahamas Press records the passing of NIB INSPECTOR – George Clarke Sr. He was 53.

George Clarke Sr.

George was an avid churchman died in his sleep last night.

His death comes as a shock to his Anglican family. He was a member of The Most Holy Trinity Church in Stapleton Gardens.

George wrote on his Facebook page on July 29th the following: “I’m cleaning out my friends list…do you want to stay or not?”

What a surprise this morning. His death comes on the 49th birth-date of deceased popular artist Whitney Houston.

BP sends condolences to his wife and family as they mourn his loss today.

May they rest in peace and rise in Glory…Amen!