Heastie Defies Bannister to His Face


NASSAU| The Minister of Works Desmond Bannister looks like he is about to solve the BPL union’s problems, but BP has to ask the question, why did the Minister in charge of BPL have to leave his desk and come to the company to look Heastie and crew in the face to get things done? 

For a long time, the Bahamas Electrical Union hit the streets a few weeks ago showing management of BPL that they were sick and tired of them. The union’s president has done everything short of taking off his clothes and walking the streets to show how serious he was in getting his members what they deserved. 

Now it was more than obvious that the EVIL Freeport Cartel KingPin, Whitney Heastie, was not forthcoming to make a smooth way for the union members. He separated the sheep from the goat by making sure all of his Freeport buddies, some of them pooftahs, were all named DIRECTORS of BPL. So he doesn’t care about regular members of the union.

What raises an alarm to BP is when Minister Bannister left his office and held several meetings with the union and management, trying to bring about peace and left instructions for KingPin Heastie and Long Stroke Rollins to carry out and they REFUSED to do what the Minister asked. 

Minister Desmond Bannister

BP was pressed up against the wall outside the door when we saw Bannister look Heastie DEEP in his COVID-FILLED eyes and told him several items to immediately address in the union’s favor. When the Minister left the building, BP remained and heard with our own ears, Heastie telling Rollins, “He better go instruct he ma!” and then he left the building with his sweetie claiming to have COVID. 

Heastie REFUSED to carry out the Minister’s instructions and it has been that way for a very long time. He does not respect or acknowledge the Minister and that is why staff are treated the way they are. Even his assistant was fired because she questioned his reckless spending and mistreatment of the staff. 

Bannister had to return to BPL on Monday while Heastie and his sweetie were out with COVID and laid down the law to the Chairman. All of a sudden things started clicking in the favor of the union. When Bannister entered the building it was like Manna from heaven. Some staff members were seen crying when he arrived and crying when he left. 

Bannister getting it done, but why just on the eve of the election? According to what we saw, Bannister left the place hurriedly after becoming overwhelmed with all of the sad stories of how poorly Heastie and his sweetie were treating the staff. 

BP has a message for Heastie. We know you have COVID and are in quarantine, but we advise you not to waste your time coming back to BPL cause in 16 days, you shall have to leave anyway. So send your lawful wife to collect your belongings and relax in that $3 million mansion you built off of the taxpayers money. 

Vote dem out!

We report! Yinner decide!