Papers shredded as Chairman Gibson hires 24-hour security at his Ardastra Garden home – IS WSC PAYING FOR THIS SECURITY TEAM?

Adrian Gibson and his gal Alexandria Mackey.

NASSAU| As the Adrian Gibson Water and Sewerage Saga rages on with 15 days left until the September 16th General Elections, some interesting developments are unfolding. 

Gibson’s fiancée has shown up to his residence in the Fort Charlotte Community. Sources tell about sounds of a shredding machine that could be heard going all through the night as piles of files have gone missing from inside the WSC.

And, as Gibson’s fiancèe has resigned abruptly from her good job, more questions are being asked about her Elite Maintenance Company which has no history in maintenance work in the country. 

In fact, what is more serious is the fact that Alexandria Mackey herself never in her life has done any kind of work in the field of maintenance that would deserve to be awarded the kind of money Adrian Gibson’s board advanced to her.

The couple (Gibson and Mackey) are listed in a police report to have shared a joint RBC bank account together since 2014. Elite Maintenance, where Mackey is listed as a Director, shared with a cousin of Gibson, Rachae Gibson, inflated Water and Sewerage contracts, which were granted by Gibson.

BP is also looking into a US Bank Account where much of the funds were routed through. 


And while all this is going on and is developing by the minute, BP understands a 24-hour security team has been posted outside Gibson’s Ardastra Gardens home where sounds of shredding machines are being heard. Is Water and Sewerage paying for that security team?

Back on May 24th, 2020, and for almost ONE YEAR, Bahamas Press warned the Minnis Government about the serious lack of financial controls at the Water and Sewerage Corp. We wrote: “WSC has no Chief Financial Officer. It has no Internal Credit and Collections Manager and it has no Internal Control and Compliance Executive! And these positions have been left vacant for months! Why?” What was the reason for removing all of the financial controls at WSC at the time?

We report yinner decide!

We Report Yinner Decide!