Thirteen (13) Generators go missing at the Water and Sewerage Corporation! Ricky Rolle must tell police investigators what happened with the STOLEN GENERATORS!

Generators show up inside the FNM Long Island Headquaters. WHAT IS THIS?

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is now uncovering the fact that some thirteen (13) generators have gone missing inside the Water and Sewerage Corporation.

BP has been following this development for some time. The generators were purchased by the corporation’s Chairman Adrian Gibson and General Manager Elwood Donaldson

The couple, who frequently travelled together, purchased the generators while shopping for supplies in the US.

But the generators have mysteriously gone missing at the Corporation and all kinds of blame is being passed around.

Bahamas Press knows delivery man Ricky Rolle knows just what happened with the generators. He is an employee at the Water and Sewerage and knows just what happened with the PEOPLE’s Assets! Do not protect anyone RICKY your freedom is on the line and people have the documents!

Interestingly, BP has uncovered some generators inside the FNM headquarters on Long Island. Could these be the same ones that vanished from the Corporation? NO ONE KNOWS but we are following as the party is engulfed in scandal after scandal by the minute!

Meanwhile, serious controls were removed inside WSC where we wrote in March 24th, 2020 the following, “WSC has no Chief Financial Officer. It has no Internal Credit and Collections Manager and it has no Internal Control and Compliance Executive! And these positions have been left vacant for months! Why?”

We believe the police should look into this!

We report yinner decide!