Here is why Bruno Rufa was thrown out of the Bahamas! This is not the first time he has broken the laws of this country!!!!


Here are the facts surrounding Canadian National Bruno Rufa

The man gone crazy!

Nassau, BahamasBahamas Press is more and more becoming concerned with the conversations of Fred Smith, the same man who now has the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in court.

He now says he is defending a Canadian national Bruno Rufa, who was escorted out of the country after having been found working without any documents.

According to our information Rufa was first caught in 2007 working as a Director of Coral Beach Hotel Condominiums in which he owned a unit.

Now get this, he had entered the Bahamas as a tourist. He was deported in 2008 and got a visa to enter the Bahamas as a tourist again in 2014. Here again he was caught working here illegally again.

But Frederick R.M. Smith, QC thinks the man working illegally in the Bahamas has rights to remain here? What a JACKASS! What this article proves is how lawyers delay cases, backing up our court system while causing the mess we now have in immigration.

Below is a statement by Minister for Immigration the Hon. Fred Mitchell today.

Communication to Parliament
By Fred Mitchell MP
Minister For Immigration

19 February 2015

Immigration Department acted within the statute law.

I read this morning in the press that Fred Smith Q C has obtained an injunction restraining the deportation of a Canadian resident Bruno Rafa.

Last evening during the course of the House of Assembly I was notified of the following facts from the Department of Immigration:

A man by the name Bruno Rafa was before the courts in Freeport, Grand Bahama on a charge of working illegally contrary to Section 29 appeared in the Magistrate’s Court on 18 February. At the request of Defence Counsel, the matter was adjourned to 12th March.

I am advised that Mr. Rafa is no longer in the country.

The matter is before the courts and I await the disposition of the hearing.

The government maintains the position that it has the absolute discretion in law to say who can and cannot land in The Bahamas.