Here’s what happens when a country’s leader SELLOUTS and heap mounds of debt on the people


When you watch this story of Argentina you see a mirror of the wutless rank leadership now ruling in the Bahamas. You see wreckless spending and huge debt burrowing by a wicked government. Hubert Ingraham we believed have sold the soul of the Nation to special interests. What you see here happening to Argentinians is what has already happened to the policy holders of CLICO. BP alleges the treasury of the Bahamas is BROKE! We can confirm police officers fired last year has yet to be paid their money from the treasury. WHY?



  1. Nada como este pasa en Las Bahamas. Las corporaciones multinacionales deben ser culpadas para el empobrecimiento de la gente de Argentina. Este parece a la comparacion de manzanas con naranjas.

    • Nothing like this happens in The Bahamas. Multinational corporations
      should be blamed for the impoverishment of the people of Argentina.
      This looks like comparing apples to oranges.

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