Murder #152 on Soldier Road tonight…Victim was crown witness in murder trial


Nassau, Bahamas — There is another murder on the street of the capital. Bahamas Press is reporting #152 since 2009 in the Soldier Road area early Sunday evening. Police are still on the scene at this hour rapping up investigations.

Particulars involving these incidents are not yet confirmed, however, we are told the scene is a gruesome one.

The Police are afraid; the judges are scared and almost every day and night in this town some witness is being gunned down. “The country is quickly descending into a melting pot of trouble,” one observer on the crime scene said.

Last night murder victim # 151, Raymond Bastian, who was shot near the parking lot of the Solomon’s Supercentre, died on the scene with his 3-month-old girl shot in the mouth laying by his side. Bastian was another eyewitness to murder who turned Crown witness to a murder case. Bastian was to appear on behalf of the prosecution this coming week.



  1. What have we become,the police and the justice sytem and the minstry of security needs to be reform in this country, how can you have a person as a crown witness with no proction and wanting this person to appear to court openly and wanting this peron to testifty on behalf of crown this is ludecrest, we must understand that, strange as it sounds the system we are living in loves vilonce if they did not they will not let thise killers on the street we must ask our self if you can shoot a baby in the moute . these people are devils guns do not make in the bahamas but the street are flood with them . the bahamas sold her soul to lusefer only yashaha
    can save youll

  2. As someone not living in Nassau, it looks like ALL the crime is over there but we keep saying “this country”. It’s not the whole country that is having a problem with murders

  3. I have to honestly say i cannot blame the government one bit. I see people, murderers. robbers on bail, not yet caught, on trial, and try to offer an alternative to them, help where i can. Offer them advice and try to get them to understand life is so important, you should jeopardize it for anything. Live for your kids, which most of them have, and all say the exact same thing. ….. ” Bey dey cud lock me up again, ine watchin dat, dat money dere when i come out” or ” i’d rather risk death or jail for dat paper anyway rather than watchin my children dead from hunger cuz i cant do nutn for em”. Listen to the people doing the crime…. not to the people who want it to stop. These people could care less if the police was runnin roun puttin bullets in the head of all who are merely implicated in a dirty deed, much less found guilty. They dont care bout gettn life, they will hoot an holla cuz dey get caught, but some will vow never to go bak to crime, and some will tell you straight up, crime is their occupation. Only death will stop them. How in the name of Christ, can a Government stop this mentality? Lets put right where right is. Tommy T cud issue a “shoot all criminal looking people on sight
    ” order, and it would clear the streets of some bad guys, but will not prevent those living to stop doing anything. Slow em down at best, but is that measure worth it? Stop wit runnin on bout the government. Embrace our children before its too late and lets smother them with love and values, things that most of these criminals never truly had. i had one friend that everytime he sees himself about to fight someone cuz he is upset, he shouts”bey, yall call my ole lady tell her meet me to the station to bail me out bey”. i mean come on now. Government?? I clearly see wat was the problem in his case……. Lets all try and do the best for each other and especially our youth. Lets try our hardest to keep them safe, and educated, so we can start to raise a nation of people without this already irredeemable mentality of “loot, pilage and plunder”. Sorry, we have lost so far. But its not the end. Lets start to create our new beggining for the future. Thats is where our focus needs to be now.

  4. The judges are afraid, the police scared the witnesses slaughtered and the the country lost. WE NEED CHANGE PEOPLE!!!



  5. This country is becoming the Land of the Dead. Pretty soon there will be more 6 feet under than alive if this carnage doesn’t stop!!!! Death, death, death. Murder, murder, murder. That’s all you hear.

  6. Truth Or Consequences, I totally agree with you, again I am on none of these party sides, but a fact is a fact, the fault should rest with the Tribune and those dailies that choose not to ask the hard questions or not question the obvious, why is there no out cry in the dailies for Tommy’s resignation?, why are they not showing these failures?, because it’s about a special crew of people(families), that can’t be moved, by their own deviant kind, only the people can move them every five years, and they hope to trick them with jobs and mass rally parties,the radio stations and the newspapers belong to them, yet they choose to focus on the PLP, while the country goes to hell in a hand basket, until the heat get’s on their front door or back door, they will not print a word, if the PLP was in power, the front pages would be blowing up with PLP spread all over the headlines, how they are such failures, it’s getting scary, do you realize that Bahamian people are becoming desensitized to violence and murder, almost everyday someone is dying and we keep going along like “HO HUM!”, another one is dead, I hope we all understand what this means, this means we are losing our values people, for life and for death.

  7. Charles, you know what I abhor about FNM appoligist? When you are confronted with a situation which you cannot defend by blaming the PLP THEN YOU GO INTO THIS CHARADE OF “WE ARE ALL TO BLAME.” This is true, of course, in the wider sense but Tommy Turnquest, shadow minister for national security, leading the FNM’S Campaign against the PLP during the last general election, had nothing good to say about the PLP’s efforts(which I might were gaining positive results)to curb crime. Mother Pratt was his punching bag; well in all that he was telling the nation that crime was as a result of failed PLP policies(in his view) and that Mother was incompetent and that the FNM could do a better job and indeed had all the answers.Well the records show that the FNM has always failed miserably and the PLP has a better record , in terms of the statistics, on crime in the country. Since coming to office in 2007 crime has been escalating every year under this clueless administration; this year is on course to being the fourth worse under the FNM since may 2007. It is an understatement when we say that Tommy Turnquest, Hubert Ingraham and the FNM has to go and sooner rather than later

  8. we have all failed….. for many many years, our parents, grand parents, uncles, aunts, brothers sister, pastors, lawyers, judges, prime ministers, MP’s…bahama press, the punch, the tribune and guardian, all bishops. yes the nation have failed from a long time ago. YES MISERABLE FAILURE MAY I ADD!

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