High School Vice Principal and Human Resources Manager GONE at Kingsway Academy!


NASSAU| Well, well, what is this? Believe it or not, Bahamas Press is deep inside the business of Kingsway Academy once again as a major fallout has come from the Administration.

Directives from overseas have caused a  fallout with senior administrators who dropped a bombshell on the School’s Committee of Management.

For now, we ga put it mildly like this: Big Big Moves are underway at Kingsway Academy. Both the High School Vice Principal and Human Resources Manager are all GONE!

Stay Tuned as only Bahamas Press will drop the bombshell this coming weekend. We gata gather more facts so we can tell the story tight!

Meanwhile, we do not know what has happened with the rogue 6th-grade teacher who made headlines on our global network back in the summer. But BP will be following up that story as well.

We report yinner decide!