When will we charge the rogue slum landlords who own the land these shanty towns occupy?


Rogue Slum Landlords across the Bahamas have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!

Death all around in an illegal shantytown in Abaco – Rogue Slum Landlords have BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS!

NASSAU| How is it only one group living in the Bahamas is permitted to squat on land and build illegal shanty dwellings?

How is it rogue slum landlords in the Bahamas are permitted to do allow this? 

Is it really all about the rent and not the safety of the community? 

And WHY are these same rogue slum landlords not fined by the regulators for allowing shanty dwellings on their land, which we all know are a high risk to the community, are built with no regard for safety standards and pose dangerous health risks for all concerned?


And while we are at it: How is it that the Haitians are allowed to operate fruit and vegetable stalls all along Cowpen Road without business licenses? People have complained about this but nothing has been done! WHY?

We report yinner decide!