Homicide #48 recorded in the Step Street community of Fox Hill tonight…


Victim is Anthony Brice aka Hotdog – Homicide #48 recorded right now in FOX HILL!

Anthony Brice AKA hotdog is the homicide #48 victim in Step Street Fox Hill tonight… BP BREAKING <<<< WE ARE LIVE....[/caption] Nassau - Bahamas Press is right now on the scene of another fatal shooting this time in the Step Street Community of Fox Hill. We can tell you that the 48th homicide victim is Anthony Brice aka “Hotdog”. He was fatally shot in the area just minutes after 10:20pm. As detectives have arrived on the scene we still do not know the circumstances, which resulted in this deadly incident. But we ask residents knowing this things which led to his death to please call CRIME STOPPERS and report the matter to the police. We report yinner decide! [caption id="attachment_110275" align="aligncenter" width="696"] Police live on the scene of Homicide incident tonight.