Homicide #93 recorded Friday evening and #92 recorded early that morning


Two men shot in that early Friday morning incident tell police they don’t know why they were rowing or who shot them – well what is dis?

The abandoned building where that Hampton Street homicide in Stapeldon last evening.

Nassau – We have another homicide, #93 for the year, now recorded on Hampton Street in the quiet community of Stapledon Gardens.

A dark male, who was said to be escorted by another with a weapon, was shot multiple times about the body with a high-powered weapon on the street. That victim has died. He was shot five times by a gunman.

This was the second homicide for the day, the 13th incident in the last 17 days and the 93rd homicide incident for the year.

Then earlier this morning homicide #92 was recorded. According to reports in this incident, shortly after 2:00am, police responded to a nightclub on Malcolm Road off East Street after receiving reports of gunshots being discharged.

When they arrived officers discovered that there was an argument on the outside of the club that escalated, resulting in three men being shot. But get this: two of the men who are still alive could not tell officers what the row was about, who they were rowing with or who shot them and their friend. What in da hell is dis?

The injured men were transported to hospital, where one of them succumbed to his injuries.

How could people be in a location and don’t know why they get into a fight? Don’t know why they fighting and then police must come and solve this? WELL, WAIT!

The other two shot victims are listed in serious, but stable, condition.

We report yinner decide!