Local Government Office in Fresh Creek, Andros burnt to the ground Friday!


No fire truck at the scene – place burnt to the ground – WHAT IS DIS?

So the Fresh Creek Local Government Office in Andros has burnt to the ground by some arsonist like BAMSI we believe and we ga sit as a nation and act like so what? Like no one ga be punish?

Andros – Pray, Bahamas, Pray! First it was the Bamsi Building; now it’s the Local Government Building complex in Fresh Creek, Andros. Burnt to the ground by arsonists, we believe, the same day Prime Minister Minnis was due to host a Christmas Party in the community. What is this happening in the Bahamas?

No fire truck – documents destroyed. This supposed to be a working day and everyone watching the building go up in flames.

BOY, I TELL YA! What in da hell is dis?

W report yinner decide!