Road traffic at National Stadium shutdown for football game? WHAT IS THIS?


When a government places foreigners over Bahamians! THIS HAPPENS – Bahamians catch hell!

Look at the line outside the Carmichael Road satellite offices as Government services to collect taxes shutdown at Road Traffic.

Nassau – It is truly the people’s time to catch hell. Here are live shots coming out of the Carmichael Road Traffic Centre where long lines to register vehicles are building.

A few weeks ago, the traffic department had no decals. Today, the government decided to close down the Road Traffic Department at the Stadium location to make way for the football games. Without any notice of the change, the public is being sent to Road Traffic Carmichael centre. It is a complete disaster and a waste of time.

We must wonder what all the staff at the stadium is doing? Sitting home chilling? Or are they in the shack? What kinda mess is dis?

Meanwhile the the stadium where the games are is empty! Minister Lloyd what happened to the 3,000 tickets for the children you promised two days ago?

We report yinner decide!