Homicide climbs to 24 as husband kills wife in front of children….its getting rough people…


Husband Shawn Bethel murdered his wife Nicole Bethel – THREE KIDS LEFT BEHIND…

Shawn and Nicole Bethel

Nassau – So we at BP are now reporting that around 2am Palm Sunday morning a homicide/suicide incident unfolded on Major Road in Yellow Elder.

We are learning that this matter stems from a domestic dispute where the husband first shot dead his wife in front of the couples three children, then turned the gun on himself. What a crime.

Both were unresponsive by the time EMS arrived at the home. Both were government employees.

Last week a girlfriend stabbed to death her 70-year-old boyfriend. This weekend the man shot and killed the mother of his three kids.

Loud wails could be heard outside the couple’s home as the bodies were being removed.

Now we have pray people. This is Holy Week and we have ta pray for the Bahamas!