Homicide victim #55 victim was known to police, electronically monitored and was on bail for murder


BP has identified the victim as 26-year-old Donathan Hanna aka Tj. He was released from prison on bail just a few months ago…

Scenes from the country’s 55th homicide victim Tuesday evening.

Nassau – BP is reporting police are presently on the scene of a shooting incident at Southern Breeze Estate off Golden Isles Road.

We can tell you the victim was shot dead by a lone gunman. He has been identified as Donathan Hanna aka Tj.

According to reports shortly after 10pm Hanna and a female friend had just pulled up to his home when a vehicle also pulled up with a gunman exiting. That shooter opened fire on the victim killing him dead.

Readers should note Hanna, according to police, was on bail, he was known to them and was being electronically monitored at the time. He was clad in a white shirt and blue jeans and laid lifeless on the front of the yard.

BP records show the deceased was formally charged in the 2016 September 29 death of 17-year-old William McKenzie.

We report yinner decide….