Decent community citizen Vesco Hanna miraculously escapes death in a daring morning robbery attempt!


The innocent now under heavy gun attack as the crime situation spirals out of control!

Vesco Hanna

Nassau – Another decent citizen has become a shooting victim this morning after robbers attempted to rob him early this morning.

According to reports, Vesco Hanna was shot while in his driveway in the Garden Hills community. The incident unfolded when two men entered his yard and held him up with one holding a firearm to his upper body.

Now we can tell you, after our nursing teams have reported, that Hanna is doing well and will make a full recovery.

The bullet did not enter the neck but he suffered from a superficial wound; just a graze by the bullet. Our BP high-tech CT scans also revealed no major blood vessels were damaged and no vascular injuries are being reported. Hanna should be released back to his family sometime today.

But still the robbers are at large and police have yet to report this latest development.

Meanwhile BP is headed to EXUMA where all hell has broken loose!

We report yinner decide!